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Hot Air Balloon Servers

NewMoon is proud to open NewMoon Chicago: Chicago's foremost provider of imaginative, spectacular and incredible event entertainment and interactive art. The artistic food services and innovative spectacles are fun and cutting-edge, sure to be loved by all ages.


The Hot Air Balloon Servers

An image of early flight and fancy, 5.5-foot diameter helium-filled balloons, surrounded by turn-of-the-century pennant-style flags, float silver trays of passed bites through the air. A performer gracefully moves each balloon through the room at up to 40’ high, towing in the trays from midair to serve guests as she passes. 

  • Minimum ceiling height requirement is 22 feet.

  • Venue must allow balloons and helium

  • Balloons are 5.5’ each

  • Up to 7 available. Recommended minimum: 3 balloons.