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Hawkman Prince and his Entourage

NewMoon is proud to open NewMoon Chicago: Chicago's foremost provider of imaginative, spectacular and incredible event entertainment and interactive art. The artistic food services and innovative spectacles are fun and cutting-edge, sure to be loved by all ages.

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The Hawkman Prince And his Entourage

Perched atop a fully mobile, battery powered Ladder Machine sits the lavishly costumed Hawkman Prince, complete with a pair of da Vinci-inspired mechanical wings that flap majestically as he soars up to 30 feet high! The Hawkman is accompanied by the Punk Bird Choir, who tweet and whistle as they process through the space and interact with onlookers, and a small flock of Flapping Birds with mechanical bird wings that flap 5 feet above performer’s heads. An oversized rotating gramophone horn provides ample soundscape. A total Spectacle image of flight, fancy and pageantry!