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Drum Tower

NewMoon is proud to open NewMoon Chicago: Chicago's foremost provider of imaginative, spectacular and incredible event entertainment and interactive art. The artistic food services and innovative spectacles are fun and cutting-edge, sure to be loved by all ages.

The Drum Crane Tower

The Drum Crane Tower is a 30-foot tall musical performance platform featuring 3 performance tiers with mounted drums for 8 percussionists. At the top, an industrial confetti cannon and propulsion system allows for tremendous bursts of biodegradable confetti! The Crane can rotate 360 degrees and suspend a singer, silks aerialist, Hammond organ, or full drum kit on a circular platform. The object requires a 30 diameter circular performance footprint. Pair with the Drum Cart, a high-octane pedal-powered percussion tank featuring an array of instruments played with reckless abandon, and a pack of raucous ground drummers, for an unbelievable spectacle moment with huge impact and energy!