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Champagne Chandelier

NewMoon is proud to open NewMoon Chicago: Chicago's foremost provider of imaginative, spectacular and incredible event entertainment and interactive art. The artistic food services and innovative spectacles are fun and cutting-edge, sure to be loved by all ages.



From the center of an over-sized chandelier of elegant bottles and gems, a stunning aerialist descends on delicate fabric silks and pours glass after glass of sparkling wine above the heads of eager guests.

  • Can be suspended from the end of NewMoon’s Ladder Machine, a battery-powered mobile extension ladder reaching up to 30’, allowing it to process through indoor or outdoor spaces and move between groups of guests.

  • Can also be suspended from rigging points in the ceiling of a venue, weight bearing I-beams or truss, or a static aerial rig (provided by NewMoon).

  • Ideal rigging/ceiling height should be between 20’-30’.